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About Us

We're Tiga (pronounced Tee-ga) – where management, leasing, or sales of property doesn't have to be a total headache! We know firsthand how frustrating it can be out there, which is why we're here to change that. Our goal is simple: we want to be the go-to source for anyone in need of fair, impartial, and genuine real estate advice. Whether you are a commercial or residential vendor or buyer, or a consultant in the industry, we are here to help.

We have exacting standards, and we strive to maintain a well-balanced team. Above all, we are focused on finding solutions for our clients and helping them achieve their real estate goals (because we're not in this for the swanky office – we're in it for you).

Our long-term vision is to become Melbourne's most well-known real estate agency in decades to come (because let's be real, no one wants to be the second-best real estate agency), and to be a one-stop solution for all of our clients' property needs.

We hope to inspire trust and confidence in the real estate market by consistently delivering top-notch service and support. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your real estate goals, and maybe even having a little bit of fun along the way.

We’re here to help you achieve exceptional outcomes

Our services includes:
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Commercial Property Management
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Tenant Representation
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Commercial Leasing
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Buyers Advocacy
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Commercial Sales
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Advisory Services
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Residential Sales
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Residential Projects
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Residential Property Management
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Why Tiga?

Our values are what we stand for at Tiga. We believe in integrity, and we are committed to investing in our people (because let's face it, we couldn't do this without them). We value collaboration and believe that it is the key to success (or at least the key to keeping our sanity).
We're honest, and our team acts with integrity and thoughtfulness. As a company our most important asset is people, so we treat everyone with respect and authenticity. We consider establishing trust to be crucial for establishing long-lasting connections, and we are dedicated to conducting ourselves with integrity in everything that we do.
Investment In People
We believe that our team is the key to our success, which is why we are committed to investing in their growth and development. We provide ongoing training and support to help our team members learn new skills and advance their careers. We're not just a bunch of suits – we're real people too!
Collaboration is essential to achieving our goals at Tiga. We believe that by working together with others – whether they are other businesses, organisations, or members of our own team – we can achieve more and provide better services to our clients. Two heads are better than one, right? (Unless you're trying to put on a hat, then it gets a little tricky.)
We have exacting standards when it comes to quality and performance. We believe in striving for excellence in everything we do, and we are committed to delivering top-quality services to our clients. We don't cut corners, and we never settle for second best.
Exacting Standards
Well-Balanced Team
We believe that a well-balanced team brings a range of perspectives to the table, and it helps to create a more inclusive and innovative culture. We are proud to have a team that is representative of our community and that has a range of expertise in different areas of the real estate industry. We may come from different backgrounds, but we're all working towards the same goal.
Solutions Minded
We are solutions minded – which means that we are focused on finding solutions to problems and challenges, rather than dwelling on the problems themselves. We believe in being proactive and taking action to meet our clients' needs and address any issues that arise. We are committed to being responsive and efficient, and to finding creative ways to solve problems and help our clients achieve their goals.
Request an appraisal on your commercial or residential property for sales, leasing or property management and one of our team members will contact you.
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